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in Other Electrical Equipment & Supplies
Item ID: 207715

Offered 1 Offered at $ 30,000.0

Unused 5MVA Sunbelt Transformer

Unused 5MVA Sunbelt Transformer

KVA 5000/6250 OA/FA

Primary is 43.8kV


HV/LV Conductor AL/AL


Approximate weight in pounds:

Untanking: 11183 lbs.

Tank & Fitting: 7215 lbs.

Liquid: Mineral Oil

Gallons: 1108---See Oil Test Reports-7/23/19

Total Weight: 27108 lbs.

Unit was bought 4/1/2013 but never installed. 

Overall Dimensions are below:

Length = 74” (6.17 feet)

Width = 49” (4.08 feet)

Height (minus stand-up bushings) = 112” (9.33 feet)

Including the cooling fins and junction box, the overall dimensions are as follows: 

Length (from nameplate edge of cooling fins, i.e. entire length) = 131” (10.92 feet)

Width/depth (from junction box to edge of secondary fins, i.e. entire width) = 92” (7.67 feet)

Height (include the stand-up bushings) = 144” (12 feet)

Unused 5MVA Sunbelt Transformer
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Location: Anniston, Alabama, United States
Unit Price $ 30,000.0
Number of Units 1
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Shipping & Handling:

  • Buyer will be responsible for shipping equipment.  Eastman will load equipment on Buyer’s truck.

  • Buyer will be invoiced for payment
  • Buyer will have to provide Eastman Chemical a tax exemption form or pay appropriate tax
  • Buyer will pay before equipment is picked up.  A check written to Eastman Chemical or a wire transfer will be accepted. 
  • Buyer will sign Eastman’s bill of sale after payment is received.