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in Other Electrical Equipment & Supplies
Item ID: 201834

Offered 1 lot Offered at $ 1,500.00

Relays-Westinghouse, Basler, GE

Two pallets of Electrical Relays:  Most without cases--As per pictures shown.

GE ICR overcurrent relays-20 each

Basler Overcurrent-BE1 50/S1B-233- 15 each

Westinghouse CP under Voltage-4 each

GE-12JBC53M1AVIT0C-4 each

GE-12BDDISBIIA-Diff Relay-4 each

GE 12IFD % Diff Relay-2 each

GE 12SPD Static Relay- 2 each

GE 12SPAIIBIA Pilot Wire Relay-2 each

GE 12CPD11DIA A-C Pilot Relay-1 each

Relays-Westinghouse, Basler, GE
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Location: Kingsport, Tennessee, United States
Unit Price $ 1,500.00
Number of Units
(in lot)
Manufacturer General Electric
Condition Fair

Shipping & Handling:

  • Buyer will be responsible for shipping equipment.  Eastman will load equipment on Buyer’s truck.

  • Buyer will be invoiced for payment
  • Buyer will have to provide Eastman Chemical a tax exemption form or pay appropriate tax
  • Buyer will pay before equipment is picked up.  A check written to Eastman Chemical or a wire transfer will be accepted. 
  • Buyer will sign Eastman’s bill of sale after payment is received.