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in Cameras and Controllers
Item ID: 201919

Offered 2 Offered at $ 2,500.00 (each)

Mikron Infrared Cameras

Never Used 2 Mikron Infrared Cameras, M7500, P/N-19931 with 5 lens adapters, Mikron P/N 20313-1.

Qty. 2 each--Lumasense Technologies Model: M7500 Mikron Infrared

Cameras, M7500, P/N-19931 Date:1/11, Serial#10904 and 10907, Includes 5 Lens Adapters-Mikron P/N 20313-1.  Fixed Installation Infrared Thermal Imager.  The M7500 offers Unparalleled Accuracy for demanding Industrial and Scientific Applications with an unmatched Array of Protective Accessories.  The M7500 demonstrates Mikron's commitment to long term trouble free operation of these instruments.  The M7500 quickly measures temperature without contact in even the most adverse environments .

Original Purchase Price: $21,000.00 each

Mikron Infrared Cameras
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Location: Kingsport, Tennessee, United States
Unit Price $ 2,500.00 (each)
Number of Units 2

Shipping & Handling:

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  • Buyer will be invoiced for payment
  • Buyer will have to provide Eastman Chemical a tax exemption form or pay appropriate tax
  • Buyer will pay before equipment is picked up.  A check written to Eastman Chemical or a wire transfer will be accepted. 
  • Buyer will sign Eastman’s bill of sale after payment is received.